When making the decision to parent your child, you might be thinking, “Am I ready?” At Mosaic, we want to come alongside you and make sure you are equipped with information and resources to begin your parenting journey. We not only provide pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, but also ongoing peer counseling through our Partner Program, free material assistance, and community resources for further guidance on how to prepare for parenting. While having a child is life-changing, you never have to lose sight of yourself, your goals, or your dreams.


You may be wondering how you would begin to support yourself and a baby. However, there are resources available to mothers and couples who may not have the means to care for their baby on their own. You could potentially qualify for assistance in childcare costs, and students can potentially qualify for public assistance if you decide to work part-time. If living arrangements are a concern, Mosaic can refer you to housing options that would be suitable for you and your child. In an appointment with one of our options counselors, you would be given detailed information outlining all of these resources. All of our pregnancy services at our center are free of charge, and we believe the best decision is an informed decision. We would love to speak with you about options and resources for raising your child, and also to simply let you know that you are never alone!

Raising Your Child

By raising your child, you will be able to develop a personal relationship with your baby and watch them in their growing process. While parenting might sound overwhelming, we have several helpful tips that can help you navigate how to care for your growing child.

One of the greatest things you can do for your child is simply being there for them. The time you spend with your baby is foundational in their development and their connection with you. You are helping your baby’s brain develop when you talk to them, love them, and respond to their needs.

The growth of babies happens in stages, so it is best not to put too much pressure on their development right away.  Each baby is unique, and they will determine the pace at which they can begin to learn new things.

Additionally, the best way to encourage the development of a strong mind is allowing your child to interact as much as possible!

For local parenting resources, go to our “Tallahassee Resources” page.  For parenting classes and counseling, contact us to schedule your free and confidential appointment.