Here at Mosaic Sexual Health Clinic, we are committed to providing the care and resources that allow our clients to feel equipped with necessary information prior to or following a pregnancy decision.

Mosaic Tallahassee is a pregnancy resource center that provides a wide range of services.  We provide free medical grade pregnancy tests that are 99.9% accurate 7-10 days after conception. When you come in for a pregnancy test, you will be able to meet with one of our counselors to talk through options regarding your pregnancy, and how to move forward in a way that is best for you. If you have a negative test, you would be able to retest two weeks following your appointment. All of our pregnancy center services are completely free and confidential, and our goal is to provide a space in which you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and concerns with one of our trusted counselors. We do not pressure you to make any decisions, and you are free to leave at any time. We are here for YOU!

For clients who are established in their first trimester, material assistance is available at the Belly Boutique. If you are not already established as a client in this time frame, we refer clients to the other local resources for material assistance since our Belly Boutique resources are by donation only, and therefore limited.

At our pregnancy resource center, we also provide free counseling for both women and men through our Partner Program. This allows our clients to meet one-on-one with our counselors in order to gain helpful information on pregnancy, preparing for parenthood or adoption, and taking decision-making head-on in regards to your pregnancy and parenting journey. This is a mentorship in which you would be able to meet with your counselor twice a month in accordance with your schedule. You will be able to go through an accountability curriculum with your mentor, and learn more about what it means to have a child, goals for the future, and well thought out decision-making processes. Our counselors are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy/parenting journey, and also teach you about emotional health along the way. If you choose to parent your child, or if you choose to pursue adoption, a healthy pregnancy is key to healthy development for your baby and your own well-being. If you have questions, please schedule an appointment with our center, and we will be happy to equip you with information and tips on how to move forward in a way that is best for both you and your child.