The thought of placing your child for adoption might seem difficult now, and it may be hard to imagine allowing another family to raise them.

But what if you could select that family and pursue an adoption plan of your choosing? That’s the adoption process today. You can also choose between an open, semi-open, or closed adoption.

When life feels out of control, you can make decisions for your child and their future. Take a closer look at the process of modern adoption.

Why Would I Choose Adoption?

Women from all walks of life in a variety of situations choose adoption. It is a universal concept that has been happening for centuries. However, adoption today looks different from the past and allows moms to be in control of their adoption plan. The following are some of the reasons women choose to place their child for adoption:

  • Lack of physical and emotional support for raising a child
  • Are already raising other children and lack the resources to raise this one
  • Do not want to have an abortion
  • No longer have a relationship with the birth father
  • Want to avoid foster care for the child
  • Not the right time to parent

How Much Does It Cost To Make an Adoption Plan?

It is completely free for a birth mom to place her child for adoption. It’s important to choose a reputable adoption coordinator, such as an adoption agency, that provides counseling and support for free. If you are in need of a referral for an adoption agency, Mosaic is able to point you to an agency that we know and trust with the care of our clients.

Many states allow the birth mother to receive pregnancy-related expenses, such as rent, food, maternity clothing, utilities, etc. Assistance is based on your individual needs and the court’s approval.

What Are the Different Adoption Plans?

There are three different adoption plans. You select the plan and the amount of contact you wish to have with your child and their adoptive family.

Open Adoption

Today, the majority of adoptions are open. With this plan, you can exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, and phone numbers with the adoptive couple.

You can draft a Post-Adoption Contact Agreement outlining the amount and type of contact you want.

Semi-Open Adoption

This plan is similar to an open adoption, but a third party, such as your adoption agency, mediates contact. You know each other’s first names and can still write, call, or visit one another, but the agency arranges all communication.

This plan provides more privacy.

Closed Adoption

With a closed adoption plan, you have no contact with your child or the adoptive family. You do not exchange identifying information, and the courts seal the original birth certificate.

This plan provides complete anonymity.

How Do I Know If Adoption is Right for Me?

Thoroughly evaluating your options allows you to choose the best route forward in your pregnancy.

Schedule an appointment to talk with us about adoption and the plans available to birth moms. In addition to speaking with our team, we can also connect you with an adoption agency that can help provide clarity in your decision-making process as well if this is something you are interested in. We are here to ensure that our clients can make informed and empowered decisions regarding their pregnancies. We are here for you!