After taking the abortion pill (RU-486, or mifepristone combined with misoprostol), some women change their minds, and wish to go through with the pregnancy contrary to how they felt previously. If you have feelings of regret after your abortion, you do have the option to continue your pregnancy. If this decision is to be made, however, there is a short window of time to do so, and would require immediate action.  Contact us for more information about abortion pill reversal. We provide abortion pill reversal at Mosaic as well as information to help you through this process. You may also speak with a peer counselor if you are struggling emotionally- we are here for you!


Progesterone is a natural hormone that doctors utilize in order to save pregnancies by reversing the effects of the abortion pill. This hormone is not a “one and done” treatment, rather it is typically administered through the end of the first trimester. Studies have shown that between 64 and 68% of pregnancies that have undergone abortion pill reversal have been successful. 

This time frame in which abortion pill reversal can be performed is strongly encouraged to be within 24 hours after taking RU-486. It is recommended to begin this process early, but pregnancies have been successfully saved up to 72 hours after taking the abortion pill.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go through with your abortion after taking the pill. The decision is in your hands, and if you choose to go through with your pregnancy, make sure to act as soon as possible.

*If you choose to pursue this option, call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline at


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